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Are Inflatable Sup Boards Any Good?

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

You want to get into paddle boarding and you are not sure is it so good like regular boards?

Are inflatable SUP boards any good?

Read on and lets break down the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable paddle boards.

Pros of inflatable SUP boards

1. Easy to store and transport.

This is probably the first reason why inflatable paddleboards were made.

To put your rigid paddle board on your car rack isn’t that easy. To store it away after long day full of adventures with sup board neither is it easy. Especialy, if you want to take it with you on a plane it is expensive and very uncomfortable

An inflatable, sup board doesn’t have problems when neet to transport or store it. Just deflate it and roll it up into a bag. Storage and transportation become much easier.

2. Lightweight

An inflatable SUP board is light compared to solid boards. This makes it easier to carry them.

3. Extremely durable

Maybe it's hard to believe in but you’re in for the reality. Inflatable sup boards are perfect for boarding near rocky shores and on rivers. These boards are not flimsy and whereas a fiberglass board might get dinged if it crashes into rocks, an inflatable will just bounce right off.

They can still get holes afterr especially sharp stones meet But over all, hight quality SUP boards are very durable.

Cons of inflatable paddle boards

1. It needs time for Inflating and deflating.

You want to dive stright into action as soon as possible when you arrive.

But stop! You still need to take some time to inflate your board. And after all joy you should deflate it too.

If you like to spend less time on that, you may want to consider investing in a foot pump or a SUP electric pump.

2. Less Speed and Agility

The hard construction of a solid board makes it easier to maneuver through the water, and it can move faster than inflatable paddleboard.

Inflatable SUPs have thick rails (the sides) with a lot of buoyancy that are hard to sink into the waves. So, while you can use inflatable boards for SUP surfing, solid paddle boards are better.

While you are on the water you probably won’t notice a difference, but experienced racers will, and they are the ones who really appreciate that extra turn of speed.

3. Price

Inflatable paddleboards are not cheap. Many people think that inflatable SUP’s will be much cheaper than a solid boards.

However in my experience they can be just as pricey. The majority of them are a quality product and the price reflects that.


Price is not an issue when making the decision.

But in general, you get what you pay for.

So, are inflatable SUPs any good?

The good and the bad to owning an inflatable SUP. In my opinion they are totally worth it and my board of choice.

If you looking for a board that is easy to ride, stable and somewhat cushions a fall, a board that is easy to travel with and store, a board that is durable it seems a good choice for you is an ISUP.

If you decide that an ISUP is right for you then our Top 5 inflatable SUP list is a good place to start your search.

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