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How to Choose Fishing Kayak

Nowadays, more and more angles have chosen kayaks instead of powerboats. Kayaks are much more cheaper than powerboats

When you dicide that you want to buy a kayak, there are two main questions- How and where you will be using kayak? The answers to these questions will help you to answer the bigger question- Do I go on sit on top or sit inside?

Overall, siting on top kayaks are more popular for fishing, because it let you fish from the variety of the positions. They are very stable and very easy to get in and out. For self draining water these kayaks have small holes called scupper holes. They go right through the bottom of the kayak. This means that you cant swamp in sit-on-top kayak. The one downside is to sit on top kayak that you will be wet when paddling, while sit inside kayak will let you to stay dry.

The sit-inside kayaks are good option for fishers who are fishing in coolest water and who want to stay dry when paddling. Sit inside kkayaks are faster mooving kayaks but not so stable like sit on top kayaks.

When you decide which- sit-on-top or sit-inside kayak you are giving prefer you should decide which lenght it will be. As a general rule, long and narrow kayak will give you more speed and maneuverability. Short and wide kayak will be slower but more stable. if you like fishing in standing position, short and wide is better choise. But minus of such kayak is that you will be slow and it'll be not ideal for long distances. If you want to try larger water areas, you might want to choose a longer, narrower kayak that goes through the water more efficiently.

Once you decidet which tipe of kayak you are choosing, there is one more decision to make. You can buy traditional paddle kayak or pedal kayak. Traditional kayak will be powered with paddles, what makes you be more efficiently in speed and maneuver. Otherwise using pedal kayak will gives you free hands. One more downside is that they're heavier than other kayaks. If you decided on a pedal kayak, you should keep in mind that having extra paddles would be great idea in some cases.

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