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The Main Rules of Stand Up Paddling

If you want to get more fun on the water, you should know main rules of Stand Up Paddling.

No Matter where you paddle, learning proper technique is allowed to paddle you most effectively, comfortabely and safely.

Let's look to four golden rules that apply on your board

1.Plant your Paddle fully in the water before you start to pull.

This applies every stroke you take. The reason is why to putt the paddle fully in the water is because it gives its the most power . It also acts to stabilize you, because when the blade is fully in the water you have an extra piont of contact with water, which is basically acting as a brace for you.while you paddling.

2. Always assume the ready position when paddling.

The ready position startps with your feet shoulder with a part, your knees slightly bent and your back stright. Bent knees works like wave absorber. Keeping your back stright allows you to engage your core muscles which makes your strokes much more effective and helps to awoid back injury.

3.Use your core muscles for all your strokes.

Your body have three main power sources: your arms, your core with your abs and your legs.

Most beginner paddlers use only their arms to power the strokes and they get tired very quickly. By using your core muscles for strokes you accesing much more power source. It means that you can enjoy your paddling more longer

4. Keep your board as quiet as possible.

Maintaining a quiet board in the water, mains your board is gonna be most efficient.

So now I hope you could have more fun with your SUP board.

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